Why the Tretec team?

Tretec seeks to build a better world by providing exceptional field service support to our customers.  The bedrock of this support is our employees, who gain the appreciation of the customer through their hard work and dedication.   Our employees come from a diverse range of backgrounds, yet come together for a common goal, to provide our customers with the best possible experience.  Tretec encourages our employees to think outside the box, take the initiative and be proactive, to achieve the success of the customer.   Our employees’ success directly translates to our customers’ success.


Tretec's Benefits?

When the appreciation of the customer is gained, Tretec is able to direct the appreciation to the employee.  To recognize our employees’ hard work and dedication, we provide a 401k, earned PTO/Vacation time, pay 70% of medical insurance premiums, as well as the standard medical time off.

Tretec Job Openings

There are three main opportunities that Tretec offers, depending on interest and career track.  All of the opportunities are semiconductor industry related and offer the employee a first hand, ground floor look at the semiconductor industry experience.

The In-house FSE/T’s have an opportunity to work on diverse sets of equipment, everything from chillers, temperature & humidity controllers, load ports and laser annealing machines.  The FSE/T’s also have the opportunity to travel between various sites in the US, to assist the customer and their needs.  TRETEC is an OEM facility for several different Japanese manufacturers.

The on-site FSE’s are embedded at the customer sites, working directly with the customer, to support the machines and processes provided.  They provide support for a wide variety of processes, such as lithography, photoetch, wet etch, dry etch, wash tables, and the R&D process.   This has become an exciting career opportunity for these FSE’s because they have found it is a highly rewarding career path.

The on-site install team installs a machine, at the customer site, typically inside a cleanroom atmosphere, from the initial leveling to the final qualifying process.  At this time, the team is at the Hillsboro site, but there are plans to expand into Arizona, New Mexico, and locations on the east coast.