Who We Are


Treasure of Technology America Inc as founded as an S-Corporation, on January 1st, 2007, with the headquarters located in Santa Clara California. 

The original purpose of Tretec was to provide field engineers and process engineers, from Japan, to assist US based customers who needed the expertise of the Japanese engineers.

In 2010, Tretec opened a repair facility in Hillsboro Oregon, to assist a Japanese manufacturing company in providing repair, maintenance, and overhaul services to US based customers.  The concept was to lower the overseas shipping costs of various types of machinery.  The original offering of services was for Temperature and Humidity controllers (T&H machines) and in 2012 the company began to offer repair/overhaul services for a specific type of chiller.   Engineers traveled to Japan, for training at the factory site.

In 2015, Tretec expanded its offerings to include service/installation support for a laser annealing machine and began repair/maintenance work for atmospheric robots, both used in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

In 2016, Tretec asked to build install and maintenance teams for various US customers, focusing on the semiconductor wash systems.

In January of 2020, Tretec officially moved its corporate headquarters to Hillsboro Oregon, closing the Santa Clara and Atascadero offices.

Since 2010, Tretec has expanded its offices 2 times, first taking over the suite next to it in 2015 and then again in 2020, to answer the requests from various customers for more working and storage space.


Tretec has the following type of business:

Set up semiconductor manufacturing equipment (front-end and post-process) repair and maintenance.

The overhaul of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Remodeling and assembling of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Development of next generation devices.

Activity to improve yield and productivity at the device factory.